Fill your bottle

not the oceans,

rivers and landfills.

Public hydration stations.

myWater is a sustainable initiative to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles, to promote responsible water consumption and to promote local sources of drinking water.

Local water

Zero plastic bottle
Zero transport
Zero energy consumption

Sustainable supply

Embrace Local Sources
Increase Reuse Habits

Positive Environmental Impacts

Public hydration

Access to Water
Pristine Quality
Boost your Health

 A sustainable

solution for

Smart Cities,

 Tourism and



The main advantage of myWater hydration station is the protection of the environment, reduction of single-use plastic waste and the greenhouse gases emissions.

Everyday usage creates business opportunities and jobs, enables people to save money, cutting water scarcity and inequality as well as reducing impacts of plastic pollution and climate change.

In a short time, this sustainable innovation boosts visibility & reducing costs, and in the long run, enhance the competitiveness in regional, national and international level.

How it works

Find the nearest

hydration station

Stations are located in public spaces

around the EU like in the city of Koper.

Refill your reusable

water bottle

Whether you're commuting or hiking a reusable water bottle is a handy way of ensuring you get enough water throughout the day while not wasting any plastic.

Stay hydrated

with local water

The next time you’re thirsty, you may want to reconsider refilling water at the local hydration station.

5214 cars worth of 

pollution off the street for a day

half of million plastic bottles not used and wasted 

59 million led bulb worth of energy not used for an hour

Each myWater unit made

a significant positive impact in one year


Give us your thoughts and nominate city!

Our Headquarters

MYWATER d.o.o. 
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1360 Vrhnika 

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