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Promote Local, Quality, Water and Sustainability




6 billion people are expected to be living in cities by 2050 with global water demand estimated to be 55% higher than today.

Drinking water 

Fresh water makes up only 2.5% of the earth, and of this, less than 0.4% is suitable for consumption.


by 2030, 45 cities with a population of over 3 million, may experience high water stress, with water not reaching its residents.

myWater hydration station is

a sustainable and cheaper alternative

 to bottled water


and Industrial 

Implementing sustainable infrastructure, promote local sources and reducing

single-use plastic waste



Make tourist and natural attractions sustainable, events safe, attractive with great experience

Specialized Applications

Ensure sustainable drinking water production and consumption in any places around the world

myWater hydration station is providing

unlimited public access to purified tap water as a refill.


Each unit has a digital flow meter recording usage and activity. Unit also use advanced IoT system for remote water data monitoring, leak detection, usage figures, scheduled reporting (daily, weekly, monthly) and sustainability information.

Water quality

each unit comes with fitted industry approved and safe plumbing components. They are fitted with advance water Nano-filtration technology as a standard which is easy to replace.


Disability accessible and child-friendly design. Soft-touch pushbutton taps on each side, left or right. Just refill your bottle.

Refill nozzle

The design prevents bottle rim from coming into contact with the nozzle. All units also incorporate UV-C nozzle disinfection.

Refill window

Accessible from both sides and has a bottle rest for single-handed operation. Recognisable water drops shape with a bottle position drain cover.

Splash free drainage

Unique cross mesh cover reducing splash.

Graphic & Branding

Hydration station is defined by its unique ability to promote your brand, an image or message. Each product is designed for simple interchangeable graphic, the first product where you control the look.


Different plumbing and mounting options for a wide range of installation. Connected to any public water supply

Each myWater unit is equipped with advance Nano-filtration

to remove all impurities and keeps the good stuff in the water

Innovative Solution That Solves Drinking Water Quality Challenges Anywhere and Anytime 



& Drugs




& Viruses

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